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Dean Kavanagh | Monday, July 16, 2018

Volunteer with Switch Radio

If you're interested in volunteering with Switch Radio please complete the following form. You must meet be over 18 to volunteer with Switch Radio. We recieve a significant number of applications for volunteering placements; therefore we prioritise those from local residents. As a result, we would normally expect you to reside in North East Birmingham or the immediate surrounding area.

Switch Radio’s aim is to provide an entertaining and informative broadcasting service for local communities. As well as offering a great and varied mix of music, the station’s mission is to keep people up to date with local information about their community. 

Participation in community radio is a great way for people to learn new skills and develop confidence, and by enquiring about volunteering, you’ve taken the first step towards this.

We have a range of opportunities, so whether you can volunteer on a daily, weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis, your time will make a valuable and lasting difference.  We recognise that our volunteers have varying time commitments and we are dedicated to working flexibly with you to enable you to volunteer.

Before you proceed with your application, please note the following:

  • You must be aged 18 or over to volunteer at Switch Radio
  • The station can only offer volunteering opportunities to those who live in the following local authority areas: Birmingham, Solihull

Due to increased demand we regret we will normally not offer volunteering opportunities to those in Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Coventry and other surrounding areas. If you live in these areas, we would advise you to contact us prior to submitting your application (you can email us here). Because of the high demand for volunteering on Switch we would kindly ask you to be patient whilst we wait for an opportunity to get you involved in something that you have told us you are interested in. When demand for volunteering is high we will sometimes need to prioritise applications from people who are offering something different, for instance, a radio programme that the station would like to broadcast but which it is not currently doing.

You will not be able to submit a volunteer application if your email address is already in our system. If you have applied previously to volunteer with Switch Radio please bear this in mind as additional applications won't be saved. If you need to remove your previous application, please email us for support.



Home address

Email address

Contact telephone number

Date of birth

Emergency contact details (please provide the contact details who someone we can contact in an emergency)

Are you currently employed? If so, please tell us where you work and how many hours you work per week. If you're a student, please tell us where you're studying, what you're study and how many hours studying you do per week. This will give us an idea of your availability. If you're not in employment or education, just enter NA in the box below.

Please tell us about any unspent criminal convictions you have. A declaration of an offence will not necessarily preclude you from volunteering at Switch Radio. Due to the nature of some of our volunteering opportunities a Criminal Records Bureau disclosure may be required for specific projects - we will inform of this at a later date if required. If you do not have any unspent convictions, please enter NA in the box below.

Please tell us what it is you'd like to do at Switch Radio. It's no problem if you're not sure yet and would like to decide at a later date - just tell us below. If you are particularly interested in anything, then this is the place to include it. Please tell us here of your availability to volunteer (dates/times/etc) if you have not specified this information above.

Please tell us about any experience you have in radio and/or volunteering in general. This will help us to plan out the right training for you and guide your initial time at the station in the right direction. Don't worry if you don't have any experience! Just tell us why you're looking to get involved in radio using the box below.

Switch Radio prides itself on being inclusive. Please tell us about any disabilities you may have (or leave blank if you do not have a disability). Giving information about your disabilities does not influence our decision on whether to offer you a volunteering position, but it does help us consider any adaptations we might need to make in order to facilitate your volunteering with us.

Please tell us your ethnicity. This information is not mandatory, but allows us to monitor our the diversity of applicants to the station and helps us to ensure we remain representative of the community we serve.

Please tell us your gender. This information is not mandatory, but allows us to monitor our the diversity of applicants to the station and helps us to ensure we remain representative of the community we serve.

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